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HN attends Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition 2019
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November 21-23, 2019 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As an international coating intelligent equipment manufacturer, Haoneng Technology, together with high-end protective film, quantum dot film, OCA and other coating compounding machines, appeared in the exhibition (Booth number: 9M36, Hall 9), showing leading manufacturing technology and excellent product service.


During the exhibition, more than tens of thousands of professional visitors from die cutting processing, mobile phone/ digital / home appliances, LCD / backlight modules, industrial manufacturing and other application fields came to see the exhibition. Haoneng Technology showing booth is so splendid as to attract a large number of visitors stop and enjoy it.


The coating technology of high-end intelligent manufacturing from Haoneng Technology meets the demand of manufacturers with more cost-saving. The equipment adopts the latest micro gravure and slot die coating technology, which is easy for operation, accurate for coating precision and more even for coating performance. The latest drying technology adopts the large oven box design, and it can not only improve the processing performance, but also improve the drying efficiency with the combination of the guiding roller box and the suspension box. UV drying is suitable for more product applications. The equipment body design can be customized to meet customer’s requirements for cleaning workshop, etc.


With the development of the market, the technologies, such as OCA, protective film, release film and other films, continue to upgrade. Domestic and foreign product manufacturers have more and more strict requirements for products, which promotes the market's increasing demands for mass production equipment. The competition of products has become the competition of technical strength of equipment. In order to meet the expectation of customers, Haoneng Technology not only has sufficient technical strength and leads the market, but also holds obvious advantages in product price, lead time and after-sales service, which is deeply appreciated by customers.


In the following few years, the domestic manufacturing industry encounters a critical period of transformation and upgrading with both opportunities and challenges. Driven by digital and intelligent technology, Haoneng Technology is , as always, confident in the industry prospect, and innovation and intelligent manufacturing are still the soul of the company's development.

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